I am a Professional Face Painter who follows a strict code of practice regarding hygiene and safety.

For Face and Body Painting I use only high quality FDA approved paints. Currently these products are Mehron Paradise Paints, and Temptu resin based pigments. They can easily be removed with mild soap and water. As with any cosmetic product, I cannot guarantee a reaction will not occur: If you are concerned about a potential allergic reaction please ask for a patch test prior to being painted.

Mehron – The Paradise line of Mehron paints, are a water-activated cosmetic grade and FDA approved product. These paints wash off easily with a little soap and water. For more information please visit www.mehron.com

Temptu – Temporary Tattoos
Temptu body paints are resin based products that have been used in the entertainment industry for years. These products last longer than others but are easily removable with alcohol. For more information please visit www.Temptu.com

Embellishments – The glitters I use are all cosmetic grade glitters that have been approved for their use as such. What makes these glitters safer is that they are polyester based glitters. If these glitters get in someone’s eyes they are not likely to cause any serious injuries. This is not the case with regular craft store glitter. I do not use these types of glitters as they can cause serious injuries to the eyes. The glues and fixatives I use to attach rhinestones, and in my gilding work are all approved for use on skin.

For sanitary reasons I will not paint anyone who is, or appears to be, sick (runny nose, cough, etc.) or suffering from: cold sores, conjunctivitis, rashes, infectious skin conditions or open wounds.

I only paint children who are old enough to understand what I am doing and that are willing to participate. Children who are not willing or able to hold still, or seem scared by the process will not be painted.

These rules are in place for the safety and enjoyment of all, thank you for being understanding.